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And it’s here!

Twisted Boulevard: Tales of Urban Fantasy–which contains my story “Marika’s War”–was released on Saturday, March 8! It’s now available (of course), and at the Elektrik Milk Bath Press bookstore. For the month of March 2014, EMP is running a new release special: 10% off the cover price, and domestic shipping for only $1. That’s an amazing offer!

In conjunction with this release, as promised fellow author Gregory L. Norris has gathered inspiration and backstory from many of the anthology’s authors, and posted them on his blog. It makes for some interesting reading, especially since I’m always curious about how stories came to be. So many intriguing bits–now I can’t wait to read all the stories accompanying mine in this lovely book! You can find those here.

You’d like to hear a wee bit more on my story? Well, okay. “Marika’s War” is set in an unnamed near-future Hungarian city, one that (like so much of Europe) spans from deep into the past to brush–and sometimes shadow–the future. It’s a story of despair, survival, and even hope, and one that I have a soft spot for in my heart. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Unfortunately, I was ill over the weekend, so this update is a touch late. (I’m feeling much better now.) Still, I hope you’ll check out the anthology, add it to your Goodreads list (if you’re active there), and of course read it–and rate it on Goodreads, if you can.