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Because I’m a Writer…

whom…and I love grammar. I mean, I love my dog, and that he’s a rescue, which is why I got this magnet. But I simply could not stand the public trouncing of grammar it represented, so I never put it on my car.  Until yesterday, when I edited the wording with a paint-pen and a Sharpie.

You may now call me a crazy dog lady, if you so desire. I’m good with that. So is Dasher.

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Another Reason to Know English Grammar!

We had a discussion in my writers’ group some while back on the importance of proper grammar and punctuation. I came across this amazing list at McSweeney’s a couple days ago, and have to add this to the reasons for knowing the rules: if you don’t, you won’t get these jokes! I hope you enjoy these Seven Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation as much as I did!