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You May Want to Sit Down for This One…

OK, then sitting, right? Comfy? Need some tea? Water? A mint?

No, I’m not nervous. Oh, yeah. My knee bounces on its own, sometimes. It just…it just does.

Errrmmmgh. So, I made a sale. I’ve got a signed contract, and everything. And…and…(gulps a mouthful of your water)…I’m so very pleased to announce that my story, “After the Story Ends,” has been purchased by Mike Resnick for Galaxy’s Edge Magazine!

(faints to the floor. wakes up and crawls into chair, smiling like a loon. starts to wonder how loons ‘smile’ with a beak… shakes head and gets back on track.)

I don’t know the publication date yet, but you can be sure I’ll be leaping up and down telling you all about it once I know! (If I ever stop leaping between now and then, that is.) I’m still kind of in shock, still kind of in disbelief, and still pretty much happier than a singing sparrow on a sunny spring branch!