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On Not-Writing

The dog sleeps contentedly, the chores remain caught up.
Looks around for something else to do, but the eye rests on nothing undone.
Even the cat has been waxed, and run off yowling.
(It is not my cat, but a friendly neighborhood stray. I fear I may have offended it.)

Nothing for it then.

Pours Japanese green tea in fancy Thai teacup.
Sips. Dreams.
Opens file and at last, and begins to write.

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Pi Day Publication News!

So yes, it’s Pi Day–you know, March 14? 3.14…

Okay, yes, I’m making pie to celebrate. Key lime is about right this year. Something tart and sweet and refreshing. Yum.

Oh, it’s also publication day for my story over on the Colored Lens website! If you haven’t purchased the entire issue, you can read my story “Sanachi’s Escape” on the website now. Unlike key lime pie, this story is a grim little thing. More than a bit depressing. It’s a speculative fiction story set on another world that takes a look at the children who grow up amid violence and war. So brace yourself, then click the link.

I hope you enjoy it. And happy Pi to you!

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Today’s Hilarious Item



So, I’m not sure if this poor frog thinks he’ll turn into a hummingbird if he hangs out in a hummingbird feeder long enough and really believes it, or if he’s exceptionally over-estimating the size of a hummingbird vs the size of his hunger (not to mention the ability of his tongue to trap said hummer).

Either way, there’s a story in this. Feel free to write it!

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Pie Day???

No, Pi Day. That’s Monday, March 14th–or 3.14. Even better, this year is Super Pi Day, since the value of pi=3.14159…, which rounds to 3.14(.)16!!! Hey, this is almost as fun as Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In honor of Pi Day, Penzey’s Spice is giving away free Pie Spice if you order before that date, using coupon code 10737c on the order form (with a minimum order of, I think, $5?). (And yes, I found this code easily available online, so I don’t feel bad repeating it here “for free.”) Besides using it in fruit pies, I sprinkle it over whipped cream that I’ve put on whatever dessert–pudding, tapioca, cake, etc. And hot cocoa, too. Yum. And Penzey’s spices are good quality, and gluten free (unfortunately that can’t be said about all spices and spice mixes. Flour is cheap; cheaper than many herbs and spices…sigh).

I’ll be making a pie in honor of Pi Day. I can’t decide between blueberry (from the last of last summer’s frozen berries), a buttermilk pie (which I’ve never made before, but hey, I live in the south now…), or a lemon pie (because, mmmmmmm lemon). Advice?

And how about you? Are you making a pie, or something pie-like, in honor of this most distinguished Super Pie Day?

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Because It’s That Time of Year…


I'll wear this for food. Sure I will.
“I’ll wear this for food. Sure I will.”

…and I’m that kind of person. 🙂

“Nooo! Not with antlers, too!”

And just in case you think poor Dasher is the only animal I’ve ever dressed for the holidays, let me show you Luna, our previous dog, in the exact same gear:

"Every year I go through this silly routine."
“Every year I go through this silly routine.”

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Because I’m a Writer…

whom…and I love grammar. I mean, I love my dog, and that he’s a rescue, which is why I got this magnet. But I simply could not stand the public trouncing of grammar it represented, so I never put it on my car.  Until yesterday, when I edited the wording with a paint-pen and a Sharpie.

You may now call me a crazy dog lady, if you so desire. I’m good with that. So is Dasher.