All 3rd and Starlight authors are also winners, finalists, or semifinalists in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest — the tourney field where most of our bards and storytellers first met.

Here, you’ll find stories by a Hugo and Campbell award nominee, an Aurealis award winner, a Jim Baen Short Story award winner, and more.

FOURTEEN tales by sixteen authors, both original stories and “directors’ cut” reprints that are special to this volume: stories to make you chuckle, and others that may give you pause. Herein are bee gods and dirigible AI’s, cyborgs and golems, thieves and djinn, distant worlds and unique alien cultures … and questions:

What is it that makes us human? How do we define sentience? Wherein lies beauty? What truly makes us happy? How much should one pay for a little respect?

Each story has an illustration by artist and author M. Elizabeth Ticknor.


  • Rebecca Birch
  • Nick T. Chan
  • Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
  • Philip Brian Hall
  • K. L. Schwengel
  • Rachelle Harp
  • M. E. Garber
  • Dustin Adams
  • Frank Dutkiewicz
  • M. Elizabeth Ticknor
  • Sean Monaghan
  • William R. D. Wood
  • Julie Frost
  • Scott R. Parkin
  • Kary English
  • Robert B. Finegold, M.D.

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THE STARLIGHT ANTHOLOGIES seek to provide readers edgy new voices in science fiction and fantasy. Stories to amaze, delight, and touch the heart.