Nature, the dog, Writing

Spring Renewal

It’s been quiet here recently. Too quiet. I hope that’s about to change.

Winter was a difficult time, with lots of “baggage” piling up on me and dragging my ability to post here into non-existence. I won’t bore you with the details, because we all know life is full of woes, so let’s move on to good news.

What good news, you ask? I finished the last editing draft of my novel, and yesterday it went out into the world, on its first round of agent querying. Hurray! It’s a book I love, with characters I adore, and a calligraphy-based magic system that I only wish were real (um, maybe; there is a dark side to the magic, of course…).

In more good news, Dasher remains seizure-free for (checks calendar) going on a year-and-a-half! I’m ready to call the vet neurology department and see about reducing his seizure meds–cross your fingers! At 9.5 years old, Dash certainly deserves to live his silver years as happily as possible.

Dasher shows his silver, but still loves a tennis ball

Spring is here, going on the third time around, I think? We keep blasting by pleasant into summery HEAT, then diving back down again. But it’s Florida, so I guess I should expect the unexpected, right? Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the weather letting me enjoy the outdoors, and I’m really glad for the return of rain! We’ve been too dry for months, and it was getting hard keeping up with watering needs. My orchids have been pouting, let me tell you!

Let me leave you with a pair of pics from the garden. I took the chrysalis picture yesterday, after having found it while cutting the grass. The other I took this morning, when I found the newly-emerged monarch butterfly drying its wings. How lucky I was to get each of these shots! Hope you enjoy them, and whatever springtime Mother Nature is sending your way.