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Mid-May Already?

Time is flying, like it always seems to do. But I have some lovely fruit coming into harvest right now, and just have to show you today’s harvest:

The plums are just hanging in thick clusters on the tree, dragging the branches to sweep the ground. I have to duck low and creep under the higher ones to get inside their barrier in order to harvest–and to clean up the ones the previous two days of rain have knocked off! Fortunately, if I leave them on the counter for a day or so, even these have ripened nicely. This certainly makes up a bit for last year’s harvest of 6 plums (due to a late frost!).

The blueberries are in their first year. We just planted them in early April, so I can’t take credit for their bounty this year. But we are definitely eating said bounty with gusto!

And the strawberries. Well, if I can keep the pill bugs and the squirrels away from them, they are delicious, as always. They just keep popping out scrumptious fruits now and again, throughout the season. It’s all yum.

After having gone through some rather scary health issues and followup physical therapy, I’m now getting my head back into writing, as well. It’s a relief to get back to the novel, but not so pleasing to still be writing the first draft I thought would be finished by April!

It is what it is, though, and all my angst won’t make the draft done if I don’t write it. So, I’m off to do just that, right now.

Happy May, everyone.


5 thoughts on “Mid-May Already?”

  1. But still, writing the first draft is ever so much more fun than re-write and editing……and you can do it outside now that you are feeling better & it’s so lovely outdoors!

  2. I’m jealous; not only is my new yard too small for fruit trees (we have nowhere to plant them in the backyard, and the front isn’t right for them), even in our last house our “plums” never really grew thanks to eight years of drought conditions. Oddly, the lemons did well most years.

    1. Ironically, we had to cut down our lemon tree less than two years after planting it, due to citrus greening. I still mourn its loss. That said, I’ll send you “plum yum” with every bite, if you like 😀 On the plus side, maybe strawberries? They can wedge into even small yards.


  3. Slugs have delicate feet, well, foot, so we used crushed eggshells to keep them at bay. Just give the shells a bit of a turn in the oven to dry them out, and away you go. 🙂

    What a lovely first of the season crop! 😀

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