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2018 Brings Me the Flu

Ugh. Yes, I caught this terrible flu. I’ve been battling it for nearly 2 weeks, and am feeling better, but still not 100%. This is why I’ve been so quiet for so long here–I’ve been busy sleeping, and drinking water and Emergen-C and echinacea tea, and sleeping. I’ve done a lot of sleeping.

Captive manatee snoot.

Just before the flu, however, my sister came to visit (fortunately, she did not catch the flu; only I was so lucky!). Since the weather was cool, the manatees had congregated thickly in the rivers around the springs, where the water spouts up from underground at a lovely 72°F (22°C) year-round. Sister-dear wanted to see manatees, so we went in search of manatees. Ironically, Manatee Springs Park did not have manatees; by the time we arrived, they’d already headed back to the ocean, as the unseasonably cold temperatures had begun warming up. We did find some at Fanning Springs, though, and later, we got really great views of some injured/rehab manatees at Homosassa Springs. 


We also visited our old favorite, Payne’s Prairie State Park. It’s been flooded since Hurricane Irma dumped so much water here last fall, so only the boardwalk and a narrow band of land before the boardwalk is open. Fortunately, that still left us with plenty to see.

Mama and her young foal wading for breakfast. Baby really didn’t like the cold water on his legs.





Joining the stallion




Why the trail is closed at this point…gators basking at the end of the boardwalk.
My sister is fascinated by armadillos. They were out in force at Payne’s Prairie, and completely unbothered by our presence.




















And then we went to the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo, where, despite cold weather, many animals were more than willing to greet us.


Caracal in her pen.
Lemur, blessedly quiet, basking in the sun.
Peacocks wandered the grounds, looking otherworldly with their shocking colors.
Riches of gold, emerald, and lapis.

2 thoughts on “2018 Brings Me the Flu”

  1. Manatees! I so much want to see them! We had a wandering pregnant female show up off the Cape a year or two ago. Luckily, she was located and brought back south. Also, so sorry to hear about the flu! I’ve been tempted to shut us away, or least invest in some hazmat suits. It’s everywhere.

    1. Considering how bad this bout of flu has made me feel, I would not look askance at your going for hazmat suits! And oh, that poor, lost manatee! It’s good they relocated her quickly; they don’t tolerate cold waters for long. >

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