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Looky-Look–New & Shiny & Available to Fund!

Remember awhile back when I mentioned a story of mine would be in the forthcoming anthology, 3rd & Starlight? Well, that anthology is one step closer to fruition. The Kickstarter launched today.

In order to help recoup costs in putting this marvelous beautiful book together, our editor (and have I mentioned how wonderful our editor has been with all of this? Just look at this Kickstarter–it’s all his work there, too!) put together this Kickstarter that runs from today through December 12th. I wouldn’t wait until the final days to back this, not if you’re looking at any of those lovely extra backer rewards. I’m pretty sure they’ll be going fast, since they’re so awesome. I mean, just look at them–artwork, story critiques, extra books, subscriptions. Here you have a great opportunity to not only read this lovely anthology, but to also get an extra wonderful bit of your choosing at the same time.

Yet all isn’t lost if you can’t back right away! Let’s just say that more offers may be added as time goes along… 🙂

Oh, and did you look all the way at the bottom of the Kickstarter text? Way, way down there, where it indicates that if you donate at $25 or above you just might get a free audiobook version of this, as well?!? I mean, how awesome is that!

PS — I’ll let you thank me now for refraining from commenting that the holidays are fast approaching and that this would be a fantastic gift for any reader of speculative fiction. I’m just that way. 😉