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May Flowers

It’s raining today, rain that we desperately need. In honor of that, I’m going to post pics of the currently blooming and fruiting things in my garden.

Purple sage, which the hummingbirds adore!
Rain lily! I always forget that these ephemerals live in my garden until the blooms surprise me!
Yes! Another pineapple on its way!
Phalaenopsis orchid I’ve had for over a year. Still very pretty, isn’t it?
A recently acquired orchid has come into its first blossoms!
The magnolia tree’s blossoms are slowly fading for now.
A lace-cap hydrangea in the shady area.
Your basic *red* hibiscus. Very, very RED.
Ornamental ginger has bright but small flowers.
Gaura, or windflower, is tall and spiky.
The gardenia, bursting into full bloom.
Another shot of a burgeoning fig-let.
Yummy, tiny fig.
Gorgeous, unique feijoa flowers will turn into small, tasty fruits later on–if I can save any from squirrel depredations!

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