Writer's Christmas Calendar

December 14

Everyone needs something to write on or in. Most writers I know at least occasionally write in longhand–yes, on paper with a pen or pencil. I know I do. Sometimes, it helps me to refocus my thinking. Other times, I just want to write by hand, feeling the words take shape as I form them. Sometimes, it only makes because paper and pen are easily portable and light, while traveling with a laptop isn’t.

Whatever the case, pretty notebooks are a fine luxury, or a great gift to receive. Not too nice, mind you, or we’d probably never write in them! I find these Decomposition Notebooks to be just the thing–even made with recycled paper, so I don’t feel as bad using dead trees. There’s a continually changing variety of covers, and you can find them other brick-and-mortar stores near you (I know Target carries them year-round).