Writer's Christmas Calendar

December 11

Many of you are writers, or know someone who is, at the very least. So today’s calendar window opens on a gift of riches: links dealing with writing and world-building and publishing, all from SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America).

The first is Patricia C. Wrede’s comprehensive Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions from the SFWA blog. If you’re writing a novel, this is an excellent place to start.

Next is a general link to a page of amazing resources, also available at the SFWA website. These cover everything from “keeping at writing” to “contracts” and “getting an agent” to “publishing technologies.” Something for everyone, indeed! Also, please be aware of Writer Beware, linked on the same page. It’s not all roses in the publishing world; there’s more than a few thorns and weeds. Knowing what to avoid can help you immeasurably.

Finally, here’s a tidbit on something I personally find vexing: writing synopses. Let Curtis C. Chen (author of the fabulous Waypoint Kangaroo–have you read it yet?) help you find the way through this difficult task with his essay, “Special Synopsis Sauce.”