Writer's Christmas Calendar

Coming Tomorrow: A Writer’s Christmas Calendar

You know those little December 1-25th calendars with the windows that pop  open, hiding a piece of candy inside? Advent Calendars. I loved those when I was a kid, even though we didn’t get them often. A daily treat, just because it was December! How exciting.

I’m going to try to reproduce that here. Every day, from now until December 25, I’ll offer up a small something–a link, a quote, a picture, whatever–that will appeal to writers (or at least, some writers, since we’re all different, after all). These aren’t gifts, but are meant to be tiny offerings to make you think, to make you smile, to help de-stress during a stressful holiday season.

I hope you enjoy them. Whichever holidays you celebrate, may you find joy kindling within you at this darkest time of year.

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