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Lead-up to Thanksgiving: The Darkening

Lo and behold, we are falling towards Thanksgiving, and the ending of the year. What a year it’s been–especially these last few weeks.

The election–need I say more? I don’t think so.

The dog–I took Dasher to the vet, looking for a non-surgical aid, like a brace or a way to wrap with vet-tape his patella, to help fight his increased limping. I left with the news that his patella was fine, it was his other ACL that had torn, and thus he needed surgery once more. AND an MRI of his brain, since his seizures aren’t fully controlled. AND more blood tests. And I had a growing headache. (Can I say again how much I love love love Trupanion pet insurance? They haven’t faltered or balked once at repayment for this dog’s numerous, large vet bills.)

Now the surgery is behind us and he’s a month into recovery (and getting crazier by the minute!), the MRI is done and yes, they actually found a brain inside his skull–apparently one working just fine, BTW–while the blood tests are all out of whack, showing, well, who knows, exactly? No one, it seems, can figure this dog out. This has been his 5th surgery in two years, and I’m really hoping that we’re all done with those for quite a while. We all need time to just be healthy and normal.

Friends: a friend’s father died unexpectedly, and I traveled back to our childhood home for the funeral. I’m so glad I did, so glad to see and renew those relationships–but also sad that this is the only time we do these things anymore. And I’m unhappy that, this far from my friend, I really can’t help with much of anything that needs doing.

My own health: apparently I pulled or strained a muscle or tendon. Nothing huge, but I can’t sit cross-legged, or in many yoga poses, or sit on the floor to play with the dog, or kneel to weed easily…all those little things just add up. Now I’m getting physical therapy (sigh), which takes more time, but hopefully will get me back to normal life quicker than not. It’s not hard PT, it’s not a bad injury–it’s just one more aggravation when life is already full up with aggravations.

My writing: It isn’t going as fast as I’d like, because of all these things above (and the one below). I’m getting words done, making slow progress, but it feels sooooo sloooow. I am deeply frustrated by this. I’d planned on being finished writing Book 2 at this point in time, and instead, I’m only halfway through it. And now we’re moving into the time of year that writing takes a slow-down due to holidays and all that stuff. The Scrooge in me is lifting his head and taking a look around. Ba-humbug!

Health the Second: Also, all the above stressors are creating a backlash within me, flaring up my Hashimoto’s so that my body attacks my thyroid and I’m just…so…tired…all…the…time. Not good when you’re trying to catch up with life and writing on your return home. (heavy sigh) And stressing over that does less than no good–it only adds to the mess. But it’s hard to be patient with oneself, isn’t it?

So, this list of stuff is the bad, the things pulling me down. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’ll be doing another post soon, wherein I list the things that I’m glad for, that I’m thankful for. And I’m hoping it will be a bigger list.


2 thoughts on “Lead-up to Thanksgiving: The Darkening”

  1. I’m so sorry about Dasher’s continued health issues. We’re discovering that Rosie came to us with ALL the parasites, so we continue to be the house of dog meds, despite the dramatic drop in dog age.

    I’m sorry about all the other things as well, though the election has left me unable to talk about much of anything.

    1. Oh no, poor Rosie! Here’s hoping that both Rosie and Dasher (and their human families!) have a peaceful, healthy Thanksgiving and New Year. It seems like the election results mean we’re going to need all those dog-cuddles even more than ever. :-/


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