End of the Long Quiet

No, I haven’t run off to Fiji, or joined a Mars exploration team. I’ve just been…you know…busy. This week, with Hurricane Matthew closing in, I’ve been under the insidious influence of pressure changes, which gave me raging headache–on top of the cold my husband so kindly brought back for me from his latest business trip. 😦  Now that Matthew is near enough, my headache is gone–that’s one good thing this storm has done, I guess. Fortunately, we’re not in the “hurricane zone,” but more centrally located in Florida, so we get the “tropical storm” warnings. So far, we’ve had some rain, but not as much as all that yet, and some gusty winds, but again, nothing extreme. The worst is still to come, most likely, so keep your fingers crossed. Especially for those nearer the coastlines.

In other news, let me direct your fine attentions here, to PodCastle. This week, one of my Viable Paradise cohort has a story up–Leigh Wallace’s “Dragon Fancy” is an absolute hoot! If you like dog, cat,  or other specialized hobbyist shows, if you like dragons, if you sometimes roll your eyes at the proliferation of cat videos–this story is going to be right up your alley! It’s the third one of the series of short flash fiction tales involving the four elements of earth, wind, water, and fire. And with a story containing dragons, you can be pretty sure the element here is fire.

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  1. I get pressure headaches too. It’s such a relief when the storm finally hits … hope you and yours weathered Matthew without too much trouble. 🙂

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