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Brimming Over with Good News…But I Can’t Share It Yet

Which is making me sad, since I’m all bouncy wanting to tell you. /zips lips shut and sits on hands, still bouncing a leg.

But I have other good news that I can share: Dasher the dog had his 3-month post-surgery checkup, and he’s fine. His bone has healed and he’s free to go and be a dog again! Such awesome, awesome news!

So now I’m off to work on more edits to the first book of the Jessamin Stow trilogy. Which is just too much fun. Have I mentioned that I love this life of words? I really do.

5 thoughts on “Brimming Over with Good News…But I Can’t Share It Yet”

  1. Hi M.E, I am so thrilled for you and I can imagine your joy, whatever the cause. I remember how helpful you were to me when I first joined WordPress and I do visit your site from time to time. So, congratulations in advance! Karen

    1. Oh, thank you, Karen! I have to say, I pop in on your site, as well, and it’s lovely! You certainly don’t need help anymore ^_^


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