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Little Bits

Here’s a round-up of all the little things that are going on right now, none of which quite deserves its own post, but together they make up a fine chunk of life:

• My fall-planted plum tree has tiny, tiny fruit where the flowers used to be! Yeah, I know, that’s what fruit trees are supposed to do, but I was sure that I’d killed this tree. As each leaf yellowed and fell off, I resigned myself to the fact that it was over, dead. A goner. And then it came back and bloomed! Hurray! But don’t get your hopes up, I told myself. During this first year it probably won’t fruit, as it’ll be too busy settling into its new home. Shows you what I know about fruit trees!

• Both the two-year old Meyer lemon and the fall-planted Ponkan tangerine have blossoms. The lemon blossoms are large and ready to open soon, but the tangerine’s flowers are still tiny (which makes sense, as it was a bit root-bound in the pot before I planted it). But I was sure these two weren’t going to flower this year, either (for a variety of reasons). I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong before!

• Dasher is healing nicely after his surgery. Despite the fact that he sometimes thinks he’s perfectly fine has to be prevented from running around like a silly idiot, and other times lifts his leg showing that it still hurts, he is healing. He’s feeling better, which makes me feel better. And I’m letting him lay outside in the sunshine during lunchtime hours, which he simply adores. And which I’m sure goes a long way in soothing his worry and fear over “why can’t I play?”

• Produce at the farmers’ markets is full-bore awesome and inspiring right now. Carrots, lettuces, strawberries, kale, beets, early tomatoes (!!!), oranges, the last of the sweet potatoes, onions–it all looks amazing. And the chickens are laying up a storm, as well, so it’s also a great time to bake “for the freezer.” Oh darn. You can guess how I hate that! 😉

• The first draft of the YA trilogy is finished, and out at the first beta reader. I’ve started on the second book, and just looking over the notes getting ready to dive in had me all excited and happy with the whole thing, all over again! Writing can be such fun—weeee!

• It’s a holiday weekend, and my husband and I have the whole weekend to ourselves. Such a rare, wonderful thing. Let’s hear it for naps, yard work, cooking together, and just being happy spending time together.


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