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The Whirl Continues

Last week my mother-in-law died. We knew it was coming; she’d gone to the hospital right after the new year began with a prognosis of “terminal.” And yet…and yet it’s a blow. It was a peaceful enough passing, with her sliding into an unresponsive state before slipping away, her middle son by her side. A final “and yet:” she’ll be missed. By ever so many, if the size of the crowd at her funeral was any indication.

Rest in Peace, Irmgard. Your family loves you still, and always.


How to follow this? We returned from the funeral events on Monday night, picked up Dasher from the kennel on Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning I took the dog to his vet appointment at UF where I got confirmation of our fears: his left ACL is ruptured. This morning, I took the poor pup in for surgery. He’s barely over 2 years old (we’re counting Feb 22 as his birthday), and this is his third surgery (with us; he was neutered before he came to us). (Thank all that’s good for Trupanion pet insurance!)

Cue more stress, more distraction, more sleepless nights, and less good writing.

May your life be more peaceful and productive than mine currently is.

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  1. I’s so sorry about your mother-in-law. Knowing it’s coming never takes away the pain, does it?

    And Dasher! Poor pup! Poor people loving the pup! May this be the last surgery ever for him.

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