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Food, Wonderful Food!

Saturday I got to spend the entire day playing in the kitchen! I made stock from bones stored in the freezer. I cut up and dehydrated sweet potatoes for the dog (who knows the words “sweet potato” and runs to the freezer when I say them). I started currywurst in the slow cooker for dinner and got to drool over the thought (and scent) of that all day. Finally, I wanted to make cookies, and ended up making macarons because it’s been too long since I’ve eaten really good, fresh ones.

IMG_2761Like many who enjoy puttering in the kitchen, I couldn’t stick to a known recipe. This was, after all, my second whole attempt at macarons (the first being many years and 3 kitchens ago), so “bucking authority” was obviously the way to go. I ended up making chocolate macarons with a chocolate-cinnamon filling. They were–are! I mean, they ARE–delicious! And they don’t look too bad, either, which is always a bonus.

So, why the bout in the kitchen? I was in a wonderful mood. And why is that? Because I’d just gotten the news that this July I’ll be at Taos Toolbox, a novel writer’s workshop in Taos, New Mexico, run and taught by Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress, along with a changing cast of special lecturers. Which means that my Jessamin Stow series will benefit from all this awesomeness! I can’t wait.

Will I see you there? Have you applied? Applications and acceptances are rolling, and ongoing until the class is full, and I know you have time yet. Until then, have a cookie!

8 thoughts on “Food, Wonderful Food!”

    1. Yes, it is silly how I manage time and again to drift away from pure enjoyment of cooking, and then in a single day rediscover that happiness and repair that lack with a bounty of food prep. And thanks! I’m really looking forward to Taos.


  1. Congratulations on the Taos Toolbox! You will absolutely love it – they don’t call it the land of enchantment for nothin. I do think it’s funny that dried sweet potatoes and curry wurst got higher billing in your post than this development. Great news, I’m happy for you. Woot! Or is it woof?

    1. Thanks, Mike! You can say Woot, Dasher will woof every time.

      As for food beating Taos in placement…how can you argue with that picture of macarons? Pictures win. 😉 In July, I’ll come back with Toolbox pics, and give it top billing. Promise!

  2. Currywurst!!! Delicious. The joys of cooking, and the delicious joy of eating what you’ve cooked from scratch. Nothing beats that. 🙂
    And congratulations on Taos! Sorry I missed the news.

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