Two Links for Sunday, and a Happiness to Share

Here are two tidbits that I thought might keep you interested and warm on a day that many of you are finding snowy, windy, and far too cold for comfort (sorry sister-dear! I’m sending warm thoughts your way).

First off, Fireside Fiction is holding a fundraiser of a different stripe. No, it’s not a Kickstarter. Instead of repeating their whole schtick, let me just send you to their site and ask you to consider subscribing, making a one-time donation, or becoming a Patron. They publish some fine work, and I for one would hate to see them close shop. And for some of the Patron levels, you’ll get artwork by Galen Dara–which is just awesome!

Also, just do some reading there. All the stories are free on the site, and as I said, they’ve got some great stuff to fill your mind with wonder and glee.


dashergrinIf you’ve read this blog for oh, any time at all, you’ll probably notice that I really love dogs. So, when I read this article about Darwin’s Dogs, I hopped right over, signed up, and filled out the forms. It was fun! And they’re going to do DNA analysis of my dog using his saliva–how cool is that?!? I’m all for research that will not only add to canine understanding, but also human health.

I got a new year’s email from them, and here’s a fun excerpt:

At the start of a new year, we are excited to send out the inaugural Darwin’s Dogs progress report. We can sum it up in one word – WOW! When we put out the call for dog owners to join our project, we’d hoped to enroll thousands of dogs over the first few years. We clearly underestimated you. Enrollment has jumped to over 2300 dogs in under 3 months

Their stated goal is 5,000 dogs. While they’re well on the way, it’s not too late to sign up, fill out their surveys, and help genetists and canine behaviorists find the connections underpinning our best friends’ health and happiness–and maybe our own. You needn’t live in the US (although for the DNA analysis you might), and your dog can be purebred or mutt. All are welcome to join.


My happiness? I started a new story yesterday, for a contest I love. Today I finished it (first draft form, of course. But still!)  🙂

That’s it for today.

5 thoughts on “Two Links for Sunday, and a Happiness to Share”

  1. Fascinated by the DNA analysis. I want to have one of my cats done because he’s is a male calico, which means he is likely a chimera!

    1. Oh, that is cool and fascinating! I’ve heard male calicoes could exist, but I’ve never actually seen one, or known anyone who had one. Let’s hope someone starts a feline version of Darwin’s Dogs soon. 🙂


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