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The Re-emergence of Pizza in my Life

A quick note of joy and yumminess: Pizza! *insert sounds of food bliss here*

Longer version: Hubby-dear checked out the newest offering nearby to see if it could be true, and it was! Blaze Pizza opened nearby, and they really understand that for celiacs like me, “gluten-free” means no contamination during prep, cooking, and cutting, not just the dough.

And thus it came to be that I actually went out for pizza for the first time in many, many years (since I was diagnosed). We ordered, watched it being prepared, and ate–and oh my oh my was it good! Thin crust, choice of pre-made “recipes” or your own call entirely on toppings. A communal oven, but GF pies are couched on individual mats so that neither the paddle nor the other pizzas touch the GF ones. And yes, the GF dough was quite good, not simply a pure rice-flour disc to hold toppings.

Celiacs rejoice, and get thee to a Blaze Pizza! *returning sounds of food bliss*