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More Garden Surprises: Feijoa Fruits!

Thanks to my VP XVII classmate, Alex Haist, I was able to identify two my otherwise anonymous “shiny green-leaved shrubs” as feijoa, or pineapple guava, by their stunning flowers. And now, those same little shrubs have produced fruit! See:


These are tiny little things, partly because they didn’t get much sun, and partly because I didn’t have compost to enrich their soil until so late. (Next year, I hope for better since the sun and compost both have been added to the site!) But I’m thrilled to find them, and to have such a plentiful harvest after I helped it along by pollinating some blossoms myself with a Q-tip.

And yes, they do taste somewhat of pineapple. And of guava. Quite yummy little things. (The one gripped between thumb and forefinger was munched on by something other than me–squirrel? Ants?) Also, next year I’ll try tasting the blossoms, too.

Happy Gardening, and Harvesting!