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Rain, Rain, Rain!

The low pressure system that has been hovering over us for days and “gifting” us with drenching rains has finally floated away to the northeast. Not to say it didn’t rain here today; it did, but it didn’t last hours or come down in unending bucketsful, flooding every surface. Whew. Actually, I think I might see some sunlight sneaking down from between the clouds. 🙂

bluemilkcapThe rains brought out a new (to me) resident in our gardens: Lactarius indigo,  commonly known as the indigo milk cap mushroom, or the blue milk mushroom. Of course I had to look it up, and of course I wondered if they were edible. Apparently so, but the taste is debatable, so I passed on this one. Also, they just look too pretty. I mean, blue plants–how awesome!

We also discovered why the gazebo (the deck and railings without a roof) that the former owners left us is slanting. Despite the chicken wire underneath it, an armadillo dug an exit (entrance?) hole beneath it, right next to the far support, undermining it. We discovered this as we dismantled the flooring and lifted the first board, revealing a fairly recently excavated hole. Sigh. No wonder the dog has been going a bit batty over there of late–fresh armadillo scent. Bleah. Now to convince the armadillo that this is really not a good home.

Hmph, now that sunshine is gone and the clouds are thickening again. Looks like more rain. It’s a good time for writing. I’m off to it.