LCRW #33 is now available!

I’ve been quiet for awhile, because I’ve just returned from visiting some friends in Germany, and wow! It was warm there! Like, crazy-warm. After they had such a long, cool spring, it seems like we took central Florida weather along with us.

It was nice to be back in Germany, and to speak German again (mine had gotten quite rusty) and hear it around me. To see old stones and new architecture mingling and merging into a city, or a neighborhood. Or more like the gentle, respectful rubbing of shoulders of the generations, each lovely and unique, and yet best as part of a conversation that creates a greater, complex society. (I may post some pictures later, as time allows.)

While I was gone, some exciting things happened:

I’m very excited to announce that the Michael J. DeLuca guest-edited edition of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet is now available for purchase–especially because I’m one the included authors. Putting Down Roots is my included story, and I’m very pleased to be included in this amazing lineup!

Putting Down Roots started as a prompt to write a story with a format other than traditional narrative prose. I had never attempted this before. It was a challenge, and fun, to write an SF story into one side of a conversation. Also, I’d been reading about research into trees and the fact that they do communicate…and here came this story.

I found this entire issue to be amazing. I hope you do as well.

Also, my story The Giveaway Box was accepted at Abyss & Apex, and should be appearing there in October! Hurray! This one is contemporary fantasy with a light speculative element.

I hope your July (July already! Ack!) is going well. And now, I’m back to catching up on all the things that fell behind while I was away. (You guessed it: laundry, cutting grass, weeding, etc.)