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And “Amma’s Wishes” is up at PodCastle!

That’s right! “Amma’s Wishes” went live at PodCastle today, so you can click the link and listen to Marguerite Kenner narrate my story.

It’s more than a little weird, and very wonderful, to hear someone else reading your words, and putting voice to your characters. Ms Kenner does great job bringing Amma, Fillmorr, and the rest of the characters to life by infusing their emotions into her reading voice. So, thank you, Marguerite Kenner!

Waiting for the small tidbit about this story’s creation? How about this: the story came about due to having read advice to “never start a story in a D&D style inn.” When I read that, I thought, “Ha! I could pull that off. After all, no one ever writes from the POV of the serving wench there.”

Needless to say, I spent a summer in high school as a waitress. And while “my” restaurant was nowhere near as bad as the Dragon’s Beard Inn, it hosted some interesting characters, including owner/managers with some oftentimes strange notions of how things should be.

And so it goes. Life becomes art, becomes life again as I type up this post about a story sale. Pretty wonderful.

I had a blast writing “Amma’s Wishes,” and I hope you enjoyed listening to it. And of course, if you did (and you can spare it), tip a donation to PodCastle by clicking their donation button on their website. Thanks!