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Writer’s Desk, 4/7

Caution: Writer in Action. Motion may be Slow. Please Expect Delays.

Out the window: In an oak branch, a female cardinal wrestles with a puff of Spanish moss, presumably for her nest. Warm and humid air flows in the open window, and sunlight does a dance with shadows of enormous white and gray clouds lumbering overhead. It may rain later, but it might go around us; either way, the afternoon feels heavy and the air sodden with the promise. Behind me, the dog is sprawled on the cool tile floor instead of the softer but warmer dog bed or rug.

On the desktop: A mug of water, already drained once today. My glasses case, open because my glasses keep getting smudged and smeary. And a list of the final scenes of the novel, slowly but surely getting marked off as I complete them. Only 5 are left!

Today’s Work-in-Progess: Obviously, the novel. I can nearly taste the ending, it’s so close. (Do you hear me humming in anticipation?)

After I finish today’s planned words, I am free to ‘play.’ I am planning a series of novella-length stories, and have the first one planned and roughly outlined. I need/want to finish the plan and outline of the second, and then begin and finish the third, before I start writing. More anticipatory humming…

And Another Couple of Things:  There’s news that I would absolutely love to share with you, but I can’t. I’m sorry. I promise that, as soon as it’s finalized, I will absolutely let you know. Until then, know that the words are trying to leak out around my tightly-pressed lips as I struggle to hold them in.

Also, Dasher is learning to swim. Right now, he swims rather like a rock. Fortunately, he is part boxer, and thus is stubborn and determined to “beat” the water, so he keeps coming back for more instead of running away. Now he can “swim” with me holding his harness up so his head doesn’t sink under the surface. This is considered good physical therapy for him, post-surgery. (Shhh, don’t tell him it’s good for him.) It’s good for me, too, as it makes me laugh and clap encouragement at the happy, soggy dog.

Here’s hoping your day brings such unexpected pleasures your way, too.

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