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Writer’s Desk, 2/16

Since my mind is a blank, I’ll show you my desk.

Out the window: Strong breezes rattle the lady palm, making it sound like soft rainfall. Further off, dangling Spanish moss sways and dances from the oaks’ limbs. Earlier it was partly sunny, but now it’s mostly clouds, in preparation for tomorrow’s (very welcome) rains. As yet, it’s warm (about 70), but cooling quickly. Which is making me sad.

On the desktop: A sprawl of papers and maps and notes. A written list of blog topics to write about, should the brain go numb for too long.  A cup of Japanese green tea, and the remains of a gluten-free apple cinnamon  toaster pastry (cinnamon-mmmmmm!). Beside the desk, the dog is curled into his bed, sleeping snugly.

Today’s Work-in-Progess: First, a bit on the novel. I need to finish off this scene, and segue into the next. As the tension ramps up, I’m finding there’s less I can do in a single sitting. I have to get up, move around, release some adrenaline in some way, before I come back and try it again. (Or, in some cases, get distracted by something that absolutely needs to be done at this very moment or the world will end–AKA, cat vacuuming.)

Then I want to edit a short story written last month. It isn’t working as it reads now, and I think I know why–but I want to be sure before I chop and hack it up. This may be a slower edit than I’d like. Heh. What else is new?

And Another Thing:  There’s a new feature over at Fantasy Scroll Magazine. A podcast! The first episode is “The City Dreams of Bird-Men” by Emily B. Cataneo, and is read by Rachel Aronov. I think it’s well done, and well narrated. What say you?

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Desk, 2/16”

  1. I respect having periods when you can’t get as much done in a single sitting, and the desire to move as you work, or for breaks. Have you tried a standing desk, or designating a movement habit into your writing cycle? Doesn’t work for everyone, but might satisfy a part of your brain as you try to get it to let you finish your book.

  2. I’m just starting to write standing up at the kitchen bar counter. I’m easing in to this, as I find it harder work, at first. Moving–getting up, shifting, walking into another room and back, etc–is difficult just now, as the dog takes any obvious motions away from the computer to be “end of session, time to play.” (With him still being on limited exercise, post-surgery, he’s all bounce and no brain.) I am trying out a 2 short sessions per day instead of one longer session. Let’s hope it works! Thanks for the insights.

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