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New Joy in the House

We weren’t going to adopt a new dog until after the holidays. We were looking specifically for an older female, small-to-medium in size, who would not completely disrupt my writing, but would help get me out and walking every day again.

And then Dasher happened. IMG_0416

He was at the Petsmart, where we were looking at the other adoptables, figuring it would take a long while to find “the perfect dog” for us. But he took one look up at us, and we knew. Spousal unit and I both fell in love with him immediately. And Dash, well, he loves everyone.

IMG_0424Yes, Dash is young–about 9 months. And Dash is a male. Dash is small, though. And as a boxer/Boston terrier mix, he couldn’t help but melt our hearts (we’ve had and loved boxers before, but didn’t want such a large, energetic dog now that we don’t have a fenced yard). Energy he has in spades. We have to take his toys away before he’ll pause to eat! So much for meeting expectations. But he’s wonderful, and 2 days later, we’re still so glad we found him.

Just, um, wish me luck finishing the novel on time. I’m going to be more than usually distracted 🙂

6 thoughts on “New Joy in the House”

  1. Congrats! I can easily imagine your smiling face when looking at or just thinking of him! So adorable! May he enjoy good health!!!!

  2. Thanks, everyone! Cory, you got it right–“criminally cute.” CC might become his new nickname. Slush reading just got a new category: “Drew me away from Dasher” becomes an instant “YES!” 🙂

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