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Halloween HabitRPG Fun!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.34.02 PMHabit RPG “is a website that treats your life like a video game!” You create an avatar (and can change it constantly–such fun!) and choose a character class. Then, you enter tasks, to-do’s and habits, and you gain experience points for completing those things. Partnering with others, you can go “adventuring” to stop/kill bosses for extra items, including eggs that you can hatch into pets, and raise into mounts. Yes, it’s somewhat addictive, but in a good way, since it really pushes some of us to get our sh*t done. To not procrastinate.

What has this got to do with Halloween? Well, they’re running a “dress as your avatar” contest. Above is my avatar. With her pet octothulu. And here is me dressed like my avatar:

galena2 galena1

I learned that crowns are hard to make, and harder to wear! That trying to make my head look big and my body tiny is really, really hard. That purple without really good lighting is tough to see as anything other than black. And that feeling like an utter idiot is lots of fun, especially with an octothulu by your side.

Happy Halloween!

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