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Why Gardening Hurts


Palms have teeth! Different types of palms have different types of teeth, but all those teeth hurt! Big palm fronds that die back have to be removed with a chainsaw, then you can drag the frond away. By the teeth.

Also, let me just say two words: Spanish Dagger. This is the name of a plant, a type of yucca. It was taller than me, and every “leaf” was tipped with a 1.5″ long incredibly sharp needle. Yes, like daggers. The strap-like leaves covered the multiple stems from top to bottom. We had to remove this, too. Oh, and paper wasps had built a nest inside it, which we didn’t know until removal was underway.

IMG_0397Not all the gardening here is bad, though. Let me leave you with a surprising photo. This looked to me like popcorn growing under a fern, but it’s the sporing portion of the plant. Fun!