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I hope your weekend was as filled with fun as mine was! Hurray for long, luxurious holiday weekends!

And now, for that good news: I have not one, but two stories coming out this month. The first is already available. “Shelba’s Brood” is in the September issue (#29) of Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine.

This is a flash story about Shelba, an alien being. She is obviously somewhat based on an arachnid, but not entirely. Her trance when she laid her eggs? That came from sea turtles. Her exoskeleton is from lobsters and ants. And the “protective slime” comes from various fishes. So what exactly do Shelba and the other Matrons look like?  Arachnoid ants, mostly–just not entirely. The rest is up to you.

The second story is “Backstitches in Time.” It was just accepted and will be published at Every Day Fiction on Thursday, September 18. That’s just over 2 weeks from now. I’ll put up a reminder before then, and the little “extra bit” behind the story on publication day. Just a tease, you ask? Well, this particular story deals with Greek mythology and gives not one, but ten happy endings! And it’s flash fiction as well.

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