Yesterday, even my Fish Celebrated with Me…

…by having babies!!!!!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day, despite the discovery of new, glassy commas that are swordtail fry swimming in my fish tank. (And really, it’s only a 2-gallon tank. Where does she think these things are going to go? Note to self: get a fish version of a book on family planning.) Really, it was amazing. Getting my story in the mail from DSF was…interesting. Cool, and a bit freaky. Something I could definitely get used to, however.

I want to thank everyone for the great feedback and support on this little success story (publication) of mine. I was ensconced in a golden glow most of the day, just beaming. Even when writing new words (which didn’t want to come out onto the page, BTW), I was more content than usual. From this I learned something very useful: for me, writing is wonderful. Sometimes I love it, other times I hate it, and usually I get lost in the words, in the “trying to translate this cool thing onto the page.”  And acceptance is awesome. It makes me giddy and gleeful. But sharing the joy of publication? That’s where it’s at, the true gold. For me at least, and right now.

So, thanks for sharing this journey with me. Now, it’s back to unpacking… (Speaking of which, I’m still looking for subtropical house brownies. Anyone know how to draw them in to do housekeeping chores?)


4 thoughts on “Yesterday, even my Fish Celebrated with Me…”

  1. Incredible story Mary, gut wrenching from a mother’s perspective. Losing a soul mate and lover only to survive a crash and exist without him went beyond gut wrenching to excruciatingly lonely bordering on emptiness.

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