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And Hello, North-Central Florida!


Look what’s growing in my yard. Can you believe it? A palm tree, an actual palm tree! I’m having a hard time believing that I’m living where palm trees live year-round outside, in the ground. I think I’ll rather get used to it, even if I giggle like a maniac at times for “no apparent reason” when I consider my good fortune! Especially come January.

I’m here, hubby-dearest is here, but our stuff is still en-route. So I’m just making a quick, fly-by posting to let everyone know that a) I’m alive and well, and b) I’ll get back to my version of “normal” at some point, I promise. Just not quite yet.

But first…

As I went outside to take the palm tree photo, what should be lying on my sidewalk? This gorgeous black snake. It slide away–fast–before I could lift the camera and snap a pic, so here’s all you get as proof:


Still, proof enough to me that this place will like me! I mean, a snake in my yard already! It’s like finding a four-leaf clover, IMO. Hurray!

I’ve yet to see an alligator, or a bat, but this is a great start, don’t you think? And if you’ve got a favorite move-shock story, feel free to share.

6 thoughts on “And Hello, North-Central Florida!”

  1. Hi M.E:
    I haven’t commented with you in a long time. A year passes so quickly. Congratulations on your move to North Central Florida. I went to College at FSU and at FAU. Florida as many types of weather and often wonderful weather at times and at others, at least exciting. Enjoy the Palm trees! Best wishes, Karen

    1. Hi Karen! My new home should feel very familiar to you, then–just outside of Gainesville! So far (which is all of 3 days), the weather has been warm and humid, interrupted by rain, either showers or downpours. I’m not complaining since NJ was quite cool this summer, and I love the heat!


  2. Oh, happy day a palm tree!!! I am green with envy like the color of my new metal roof. OY. Enjoy the sunny south.

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