Silence in the Library’s Stretch Deal

Exciting news! Silence in the Library Publishing is right now running a Kickstarter for their next anthology, HEROS!  From the Kickstarter page: HEROS! is “a collection of short fiction about superheroes, not-so-super heroes, and everyday people who find the hero within.”

Since I’m not in this anthology, how does this relate to me? Sidekicks!, an anthology I am a part of, is now being offered as a stretch goal. If 350 people sign on to support HEROS!, they will be rewarded with a free copy of Sidekicks!…and they’re almost there! There are 19 days left, the project is fully funded already, and as I write, there are 344 backers. So, if this sounds like exciting  reading to you, I urge you to support the effort and get Sidekicks! thrown in for free!