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Goal Posting

Holy bananas! It’s June, and the year is half over. How did that happen?!?!?

Well, however it did, it’s time to get in a quick check on how I’m progressing on my goals for 2014. Let’s see, my original blog post is here, or for the TL;DR version:

    • W1/S1
    • Novel plan/outline
    • Slush reading gig
    • WFC

Write 1/Sub 1
I did great things with W1/S1 until mid-April. At that point, I started focusing exclusively on the novel, its outline and plotting and planning. I expected that to be the case, and hoped that I’d still be able to crank out a short story (flash) once a month when I started actually writing the thing itself. That hasn’t proven to be the case, since this silly thing called “a cross-country move” has reared its lovely head and eaten all my spare attention and worry. So, I don’t know. What do you think? Is this a check, a half check, or a flail?

Novel Plan/Outline
My printed goal was originally to be underway with the outline by June. I later changed that, to further challenge and push myself, to start writing the first draft by May 1. That goal has been met. I’m now just over 20,000 words into the first draft. It’s proceeding fairly well, despite the disruptions of said upcoming cross-country move. I’m a few thousand words lower than my very optimistic third plan, which called for 25,000 words by June 1, but I’m not sweating that, since it was very much a stretch goal, and again–move. (why is this sounding like a refrain about now??)

Slush Reading
Finally, a clear and definitive check! Yippee! As you know if you’ve been reading here any time at all, I’m happily reading slush over at Fantasy Scroll Magazine. It’s awesome. And I mean both the online magazine itself, and the slush reading thing. Some of those stories…just, wow! Keep sending in those amazing words, everyone.

World Fantasy Convention 2014
It doesn’t start take place until November 2014, but my membership is booked and my room reserved. I’m calling this one a clear check, as well! Will you be there? I’d love to see you…

OK, now for some stats.
For the record, here’s what I’ve submitted/received thru May 20, 2014:

Submissions: 40
Acceptances: 4
Rejections: 28
Personal: 17
Form: 9

This tells me that W1/S1 and the Flash Fiction Challenge have really helped me a lot. Writing new things, challenging myself to work faster than I thought I could, and having fun with others doing the same thing–these things brought out some stories that would otherwise never have been written, including my first pro-market sale!

Novel-in-progress: my goal is first draft finished by end of August. This goal, again (fill in the refrain) was made before the move was conceived, but I’m still shooting for the same timeframe. That goal (fortunately) included a couple weeks of padding, just in case–you know–life happened, so I think it’s still attainable if I buckle down and focus instead of freaking over stuff I can’t control. Root for me?? Either way, I’ll let you know by the end of the year.

So, how’s your year progressing?