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“Dancing” Sells to DSF!

This amazing good news was part of my Friday “good news kept private,” because I hadn’t yet received a contract. Now, contract signed, I can shout this from the rafters–or, in my case, the top of the staircase??–because this is my first pro market sale!

Earlier this year, I took part in Codex’s Weekend Warrior contest, a flash fiction writing “contest” running for 5 weeks. Each weekend, participants had 52 hours to complete a 750-word story from one of 5 prompts. This was my first week’s story. Naturally, it’s had much editing since that initial rush, but that was the genesis, and the story is very much there in the first draft.

I don’t have a date of publication yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do. And, of course, I’m assuming you all know about Daily Science Fiction, right? Free short stories every weekday, delivered to your email inbox. In case you don’t have email or don’t like signing up, you can read those same stories, delayed by one week, on their website–also free.

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