Links to Get You Thru the Midweek Slump

I’ve got a few links to fun, informative, or otherwise interesting things to help tide you over ’til the warmth returns (it got *cold,* darn it!) and the weekend rolls near.

Let’s start with fun. Do you like webcams? Do you like wildlife? Then check out the bald eagle nest camera, complete with baby eaglet. Be forewarned: this one can be habit forming! (can you believe the beak on that baby! ouch!)

It’s the final seven days of the Fantasy Scroll Magazine Kickstarter, and the goal is within reach! Check out the Kickstarter and the rewards here. Also, a teaser Issue 0 with 2 stories is up on the website. Good reading!

Writing advice on the internet is everywhere, but good advice–especially written in an engaging fashion–may be more hard to come by. These posts by Charlie Jane Anders on iO9 are fun, engaging, and might just improve your writing game.

Are you looking for ways to connect with people with your writing? Are you wondering why it matters if your characters are all male, or all European, or all-whatever? Just want to learn more what it feels like to be excluded, or to suddenly find a sense of belonging in the media? Then head over to the Jim C. Hines-edited collection of essays, titled “Invisible,” for a look inside the lives of folks of many stripes of exclusion, how their lives were impacted by that exclusion, and how you as a writer can make a difference.