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Thinking Spring


The weather is glorious, and so is my mood. Last week I walked in the woods and found skunk cabbages just beginning to unfurl their leaves, and their “flowers” open wide in the swampy areas. Tiny frogs, midway between tadpole and frog form, cree-ed and splashed away, and an eagle whirled overhead on the thermals. Today, as the photo beside shows, the daffodils are blooming in the continued warmth.

Skunk cabbage leaves glowing in the afternoon sunlight.
Skunk cabbage flower on the eroded stream bank.










Things are progressing in my writing world, as well. I’ve gotten well into the heads of my two protagonists, and have fleshed out the secondary characters pretty well (I hope; we’ll soon find out!). Next comes the final pass on the plot before I start outlining the novel, trying to flesh out the form before I start writing those terrible/wonderful words: Chapter One.

It’s a confusing time, as one minute I’m thrilled that things seem to be progressing so smoothly. In the next minute, I’m terrified that it’s all about to explode all over me in a mess of words so ridiculous that I’ll never be able to lift my head again for the shame of it all. All in all, about normal (I’m guessing), for the beginning novelist.

How goes it with you?

2 thoughts on “Thinking Spring”

  1. I love the pictures and the image of the baby frogs. I’ve been watching a small pool of water near my home for them but as of yet they evade me! As for your writing. I know what you mean, there are days I want to tear mine up and days I think “really, did I write that, I like!” Keep writing, keep enjoying!

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