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Orchid Alert

orchidSo I was cleaning up the plants 3 weeks ago, and what did I find? The tiny orchid I bought just before leaving Cleveland, and which I’d transplanted into a larger pot late last summer, had grown not one but two new flower stalks which were covered with fat buds. Here is the orchid now!

Honestly, I don’t know what I did to merit this kind of floral appreciation from the plant, but whatever it was, I’m glad I did it.  FYI, I bought it in a 2″ pot and moved it into a 4″ pot, so it’s still pretty small. But I gotta admit, this is making me look at those “other” orchids in a new light; I’d always considered orchids to be touchy and temperamental, but this one has thrived on my neglect. Now I may think about adding another one to my rag-tag houseplant collection.

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