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The Lost Week

Wow, last week was completely lost. It’s utterly gone, and I have nothing to show for it other than a vague sense of guilt–both for the personal reasons that made it “lost,” and for the lost writing/editing time. Ugh.

But it’s Tuesday now, a whole new week–a glorious week full of words and wonder. Yippee! I am happily world-building on the novel once more, and am thrilled that new things keep surfacing from the slurry of my subconscious to become vital parts of this awesome world. I have a few short story ideas batting around my skull, too, and I’m hoping to commit time to at least one of those later this week. As well, while last week may have been lost to me, it wasn’t lost for others, so a few rejections came in, and I’ve just now dealt with those–either by editing and re-subbing or simply re-subbing. Ah, it feels pretty good today, despite the threat of snow this evening 😦

Let me give you a couple links here, both for fundraisers for spec-fic writing markets. First and dearest to my heart (of course!) is the one for Fantasy Scroll Magazine over at Kickstarter. Fantasy Scroll is a new online magazine which is providing another venue for great spec-fic stories. (I’ve linked to them before but here it is again. And in the interest of full disclosure, I’m an unpaid slush reader for this mag.) There are rewards at various levels, as is standard. Let me draw your attention to the $60 level, which I think is kinda awesome. For this level, you’ll get a critique of your own short story by either the Fantasy Scroll editorial staff (no, not from me! silly!), or from author Hank Quense. If you’re looking for some professional feedback, this may be just the thing!

The next is over at Indiegogo, and this one is for Niteblade. Rhonda Parrish has been publishing this little online ‘zine since 2007. There are lots of fun rewards-levels here, as well, so check it out. Also, don’t forget to check out the Niteblade publication itself.

That’s about it for now. I hope the weather continues to trend toward the warmth of springtime, and that we might someday see flowers again… Until them, I’m going to huddle in my office and write.

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