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Today’s Desk, 2/27

A peek into the dazzle of my writing life:

Out the window:  Gray-white clouds. A rotten hillock of snow right next to the mail boxes, where it was plowed so high it hasn’t melted away. Now it’s white and brown and gross. The grass revealed–where the rest of the snow has melted–is a lifeless shade of tan. Overall, very, very dreary.

On the desktop: Oh, what a mess! Fingerless gloves to keep me warm, chocolate to keep me cheery, glasses case and cleaning cloth (glasses are on my face) to keep me seeing, along with 3 notebooks, “The 90-Day Novel,” various scraps of paper on which are written the secrets of the world (or, maybe they’re just bits of “to-do” lists and markets to remember), and bills to pay. Also, quite dreary.

Today’s Work-in-Progess: Two things:

1) My first assignment for the Coursera class on “Imagining Other Earths.” Seeing as how it’s 750-1000 words of summarizing a document I’ve read, I don’t imagine it’ll take too long. But the class is fun, and is making me think new things, in new ways.

2) This one will make up for the other. More world-building on the novel. Since lately I’ve been in the land of remote stuff, today I’m going to focus on immediate things, actual hold-them-in-your-hands kind of stuff. Just the thought of this is cheering me up immensely!

And Another Thing: The nominees for the Nebula Award have been posted. Have you seen the list? There are so many wonderful things listed there, and so many that I haven’t read yet.  Time to get reading. After I write.