Publication News to Share!

Oh, the joy of sharing this! My story, “Survival of the Wolf,” has officially hit the stands as the Volume 9, Issue 3 (the Winter 3013/14 edition) of Tales of the Talisman has been released. My copy is in the mail, and I can’t wait to see it. What’s it about? Read this teaser from the Tales of the Talisman website:

M.E. Garber introduces us to a werewolf who seeks freedom from the wizard who enslaved her only to find that freedom isn’t all she imagined. David B. Riley reminds us that insurance adjusters will still be around in the future, and that sometimes investigating claims, especially involving mysterious disappearances, can be dangerous business. John C. Conway shows us that saving humanity sometimes requires a willingness to meet long lost loves and that such willingness can be a selfless act. Karissa B. Sluss reminds us that not all vampires crave blood and that most feel trapped by the paths they must walk. These and other chilling tales await in the winter issue of Tales of the Talisman!

Let me tease you a little more, just to be sure you’re interested. This story is a dark fantasy about an unwilling monster. It was inspired by a prompt of “what would you consider horrifying,” and after that, it all just flowed.

Note that this story is not truly horror, just shivery and dark. I think I’m temperamentally incapable of writing actual horror. (I closed my eyes during Jurassic Park, for crying out loud, so I’m guessing that typing with my eyes closed, while feasible, isn’t really practical. Especially since you still see the story behind your eyes while writing it.)

Doesn’t that encourage you to get an issue and read all about it? I hope you will. If you do, I’d your comments on the story are welcome.

Edited to add: Well, I wrote that up there before checking the mailbox. Waiting inside was–you guessed it!–my contributor copy of Tales of the Talisman. In case you’re wondering, my story is on page 28, and the illustration for it (by Tom Kelly) is lovely! Isn’t there something extra wonderful about seeing your story in a print version of a magazine?