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A Snowstorm of Stuff!

Wow, it’s coming down all white and crazy here! The temperatures are dropping, the wind is whipping, and the snow is a shifting veil that now flirts and twists, then flings itself in a suicide attempt at the ground. What a great day to stay inside and edit. With tea. Definitely with hot tea.

It’s been too long since I’ve updated here. (Sorry–but life, ya know?) So I’ve got lots to update you on.

First of all, let me shout the news about Women Destroy SF. Yes, it’s true. I love putting my girl-cooties all over science fiction. Many of us women do, and we’re celebrating that fact thanks to a special edition of Lightspeed Magazine, guest edited by Christie Yant. Head over to the Lightspeed/Women Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter (well over fully funded–huzzah!) to order your copy and support the cause of great science fiction!

Next, I recently discovered Coursera. Here you can take a huge variety of online college-level classes in all kinds of amazing subject areas for free. I’ll be taking a course titled “Imagining Other Earths” by Princeton University. Looks like I’ll be destroying me some other earths soon, eh what? And I don’t even have to leave home. Wee.

Back in the land of Kickstarters, Alex Shvartzman’s UFO Publishing is gearing up for Unidentified Funny Object 3. The Kickstarter has launched. If you appreciate humorous spec fic, you’ll want to head over to this site and read up on who’s included, and if you’re a writer, you may want to consider sending your humorous submissions there.

Finally, bit of personal news: thanks to the Codex Weekend Warriors contest and Write 1/Sub 1, I am kicking some butt on writing (and subbing) new stories. Woo-hoo!

That’s about it. If you’re in the cold and snow, stay warm. If you’re somewhere warm, think some warmth to the rest of us (pulls on those darned fingerless writing gloves). And happy writing.

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