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Today’s Desk, 12/10

So, what fascinating writerly stuff is going on today?

Out the window:  The snow has just increased from a light snowfall into a determined army of tiny flakes invading from above. They’re falling faster, heavier, but are still small–usually a sign of lots more to come. Since I’m firmly homebound today, this is good by me. It’s really quite pretty. (Please note that this is early winter yet, so snow is still a novelty I’m happy seeing. Don’t expect the same reaction to snowfall in, say, February.)

photoOn the desktop: Since the drafty apartment windows around me have been covered in plastic shrink wrap, the plant that formerly sat on the windowsill is now on my desk. Along with that, there’s a tiny USB Christmas tree that plugs into my computer and lights up. It’s the only holiday decor in the whole room. Other than these novelties, my notebook is open to the notes I’d taken for the story that I’m currently attempting to write.

Today’s Work-in-Progess: A short story in 4 parts. Back in July, I took part in Mary Robinette Kowal’s online short story intensive class (see the post here FMI). During the class, I came to realize that in the MICE Quotient game, I was sadly, horribly, excruciatingly, embarrassingly weak in the Idea category. So, my challenge to myself, post-class, was to improve my Idea comprehension. This story is an Idea story. It’s been hard going, getting that darn Idea. The first draft is nowhere near finished, so we’ll see how it goes, but right now, I’m feeling pretty psyched about it!

And Another Two Things: Ugh! The snowflakes just turned big and heavy. Now it’s really accumulating fast. And I finally realized that I hadn’t updated my Now Reading and Now Listening widgets to the side, so I did that today.

Now, I’m off to write while the snow piles up outside. 🙂