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Signal Boosting

What? 4 posts in 4 days? Yes indeed. I have lots to catch up on, and am going full-speed at this task before the remaining holiday travel blows me right out of the water again (sigh). Anyway, take a look at this:

The next anthology from UFO Publishing is coming out soon. Click here to read the table of contents of Coffee: 14 Caffeinated Tales of the Fantastic.   (full disclosure: editor Alex Shvartzman is in my writing group and is a VP graduate, and I worked as a ‘second slush reader’ for this anthology. As for that last, what can I say but “Hey, these stories are good!)


Also on that page, at the bottom you’ll see a Special Holiday Bundle. Buy the UFO, UFO 2, and Coffee Anthologies for a super-special price now until December 9th! You can even choose either paper or ebook options.