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Anticipation (another word for “waiting”)

Things have been busier than usual around this desk. In the 3 weeks since returning from VP (Has it only been 3 weeks? Really?!?), I’ve been busy editing my submission story, my Thursday story, trying to write new words (hah!), critique for my new VP-17 tribe on their submission and Thursday stories, and prepare for upcoming travel.

Well, I just submitted both my submission and my Thursday stories. (Did the trees just shake? That was my huge sigh of relief!) Now I only have to get ready for the upcoming trip. I haven’t even begun to pack my bag, and there’s all that pre-trip stuff that needs to be done. You know–empty the fridge, see that the plants get watered, take the fish to a friend’s house, do all the laundry, shop for stuff you need on the plane/at the destination, make sure you have the addresses for postcards (which yes, I do write and send), don’t lose the tickets, don’t lose your mind–all that stuff.

“Wait, wait,” I hear someone crying. “Where are you going?” Ah, this is the fun part. I’ll be accompanying hubby on his business trip to Thailand, and then stopping in Japan on the way home to visit friends. Talk about your “trip of a lifetime”–this is it for me! My VP17ers have given me my “writing assignment” to keep me sane, and now I’m ready to experience two very different non-Western cultures as much as I can.

I’ll be offline a good deal between now and my return, but I promise to give you some pictures once I return home. And to keep you occupied, well, this had me crying my eyes out the other night, so I hope you find it as amusing:  (Caution: NSFW!) It’s a BuzzFeed Video about Auto Correct Text Fails.

Now, where is that sunscreen?

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  1. First, enjoy your trip! Second: “(Has it only been 3 weeks? Really?!?)” I KNOW, right? It seems almost a lifetime ago, yet I can still see all your faces clearly in my mind and I keep remembering funny and significant things people said.

    And last night I dreamed of VP. Seriously, brain?

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