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Today’s Desk, 11/7

So, what’s going on today?

On the desktop: The notebook I took to Viable Paradise, along with the personal recording device I used there. Various notes-to-self. And my fingerless “writing gloves”–I got cold last week. Already!  😦

Today’s Work-in-Progess: Editing short stories. Mostly I’m trying to tighten and polish my VP Thursday story. It’s coming along like a child to a spanking: yelling and screaming all the way. But progress can be seen, and I think if I can nip and tuck one more section, and then trim off another, oh, 200-300 words, I’ll call this draft done.

Out the window:  The day’s rain is finally slipping by, and those thick clouds are thinning and unravelling so that snatches of blue can be glimpsed, like treasure, behind them. Pigeons are lined up on the electric lines, drying off before sunset.

And Another Thing:  Have you been over to They’re giving away the 2013 edition of Some of the Best of, so head over and get a copy. While you’re there, sign up for their free newsletter and get the latest great news and updates (like this!) from this publisher.

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    1. Thanks John! Unfortunately, I think I’ll need that luck–every last ounce of it 😦 As for BoT 2013, I think that will make good reading for my upcoming trip…

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