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Today’s Desk, 10/2

Whoa, what’s this? An idea that I’m filching from another blogger (thanks, Amanda Suri!). Here’s what’s happening at my desk today.

On the desktop: A mess, but only a small one as these things go. The window is open, so all papers have to be anchored by heavier items to prevent paper carnage across the floor.

Today’s Work-in-Progess: Editing short stories. Two in particular are receiving my editorial eye, one a fantasy, the other SF. I guess that’s my way of swapping out of one mental state and into another, keeping my attention high (or higher than otherwise). Monday I finished a very rough first draft of one of the two stories I wanted to complete before leaving for VP. That means I have 10 whole days before I need to have the other one finished. Let me be honest, though. Anticipation is making my focus on new words pretty lousy. Which is why today is an editing day.

Out the window:  a blue sky arcing high overhead, perfectly clear and gorgeous. Light breezes rustling the trees (and my papers). Warm. Perfect. Another thing pulling at my limited attention span today. I’ll eat lunch outside, I think.

And Another Thing:  I just bought the Kindle version of Chuck Wendig’s Under the Empyrean Sky after reading about the sale on his website. I can confirm that the link still works today (selling the book at $1.99). Also, my copy of What Fates Impose just arrived yesterday–woot! Happy, happy reading ahead.

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