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I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This…

…but I started a new Scrivener file today. Its title? “The next novel.”

What am I thinking!?!

So far, it’s only a repository of what I like to read, what authors have done what novels that I love, what really lights my fires, and what I’m kinda over. Eventually, it’ll include research, possible characters and world building. After that, with any luck it’ll have chapters, outlines, character sheets, timelines, re-created outlines, hate-mail to myself, pep talks to myself, a voice-journal for my protagonist and for other main characters, conflicts, resolutions, and maybe someday, the words “The End.” And even after that, “Revision 1,” “Revision 2,” etc. It will probably consume my life (and my computer), the way a boa constrictor swallows small people whole. But not just yet.

For now, it’s a nearly empty document. It looks so innocuous, sitting there on my hard drive (pats it with the mouse-cursor). So cute!

Nobody tell me how it ends, okay?