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Autumn Begins

changing colorWelcome to fall. I’m not sure about you, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it is indeed fall. Already. I haven’t accomplished half the things I meant to this summer, and yet it’s been a good summer, mostly.

goatsignLast week, friends came from Germany to visit. I went with them to Sandy Hook, which  had been closed when hubby and I tried to visit earlier. There I saw this, which just made me laugh:

Unfortunately, we saw no goats, but we did see the fence, and the poison ivy. We were careful to touch neither, but we wondered if the electric fence also carried poison ivy oils, and if the electrical current would insert it into the body, carrying it past the skin barrier, the way some physical therapies use electrodes to carry steroids to inflamed tissues? Eww. Imagine explaining that to you doctor.

Before they came, I went walking on the beach at low tide. There was a shining line of sparkling things, like softened diamonds, at the line each wave left behind. It didn’t stink, and it was soft, and a little sticky. And when fatter waves washed the shore, the water was thick with jello-like bits,  like a soup. Eww! It felt weird, and looked weird, but it was easy to determine what it was: moon jellyfish bits, all shredded up and cast ashore. Here and there, a larger piece or even a whole one lay, like the one I photographed. It really was beautiful, for all that it/they were dead.

jellyfoot jelly

As the counter shows, it’s now less than three weeks to VP. I’m writing away, trying to distract myself from the coming mayhem of travel, nerves and such. It seems to be working. So far, at least. And the really good news is that my daily word-count is higher than ever. See what anxiety is good for! 😉

Just keep writing! That’s my mantra for the time-being. So, how’s it going for you?

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    1. Hi Karen, and thanks for the congrats, but they’re a bit early, I’m afraid. VP, or Viable Paradise, is my countdown. It’s a writer’s workshop, and not my book release date, that I’m counting down towards. (And honestly, I’m not sure if that’s a “fortunately” or an “unfortunately” that should be modifying that sentence:-)

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